Simon Says: What? A robot is taking my job?

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I was watching the garbage truck pick up my trash the other day with that robotic arm. Looking at it made me remember how someone used to do that job.

Yes, innovation is ‘killing’ the garbage man.  Just like the toll booth collector, phonebooth maker, and sorry Mr. President, thousands of coal mining jobs.

You can’t stop progress. It doesn’t belong to a political party.

We hear about how driverless cars will be common for our children. Think about the jobs that will eliminate.  Everyone from the driving instructor to the Domino's guy may have to start thinking about options.

There’s a lot of jobs/careers that will have something in common with a T-Rex in the future, but remember, automation can be a good thing.  Ever see those robot things at work in an warehouse that fulfills your order on Amazon?

Here’s the thing that should scare you. Just about all the lists and studies predicting the future of artificial intelligence suggest it’s  getting so good so fast, you’ll soon say goodbye to referees and umpires at your favorite games.

Yeah, they’re talking about  baseball. Let the computer call it a strike! Let the tech make all calls in a Super Bowl.

It could happen, but like a ref’s shirts, this issue is more than “black and white.” Soon we will accept robots in our games, get comfortable, and you never know. We'll have no problem with artificial intelligence making major life and death decisions for everyone from CEO’s to presidents.

But  too much automation means less humans in the equation. That means taking  context and human emotion out of decisions.

At least there’s one job most studies suggest won’t be going away any time soon. Clergy. That’s one gig that won’t be replaced by something that operates with 124gigs.

Good thing, because 25 years from now when a robot makes a big mistake, you’ll likely be saying “Oh the humanity” to your religious adviser.

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