Simon Says: Stop Looking at People in the Bathroom

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DALLAS -- Think for a second. When you go to a public bathroom, do you look at other people?

I don't.

I just keep my head down, do my business, and don't care about anyone else's, which is why I can't stop thinking about what's been going on in North Carolina.

I'm sure you've heard of the LGBT law that includes transgender people only being allowed to use a public restroom that matches the gender on their birth certificate. North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory and North Carolina attorney general Roy Cooper don't agree on this.

Sure, it's politics -- McCrory's a Republican, Cooper's a Democrat. And when it comes to LGBT rights, it seems there's a divide bigger than one in a stall.

People for this bill are fired up. But you know, fear takes over when you don't know or fully understand something.

And anyone who wants laws like this in North Carolina, Georgia, and the rest of the country may no realize it, but they could change how they feel about being transgender or gay.

Dick Cheney did. He's still the champion of conservatives everywhere, but he supports gay marriage. His daughter is a lesbian.

You see, Cheney became sympathetic because someone close to him was affected by something.

Think about it: If someone you care for deals with something like cancer, depression, addiction, obesity, discrimination, etc., it gets on your radar. Suddenly, you see things through their eyes.

I wonder how many in North Carolina supporting this law have ever been personally impacted by a family member who was LGBT?

So when it comes to trans issues, anyone -- ANYONE -- is capable of transforming how they feel.

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