Simon Says: People Are Being So Mean, It’s Like We’re Living In A Weird Cartoon!

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Is it just me? But it sure feels like a lot of people are just being mean.

The word "civility" seems to be getting a lot of play lately. The lack of it makes me feel like I’m living in a town called “Hatersville.”

The conservative and liberal lines have been drawn and depending on where you stand, hate might be served at your favorite restaurant as an appetizer.
It might be at a market in the form of a racist rant. Oh yeah, you can’t forget those Twitter trolls and all the bad words on TV.

It’s like the bar is so low now, it feels like the high road doesn’t exist anymore.

It’s exhausting.

I feel like there’s this very vocal minority out there doing all the yelling, while most of us are just trying to get by.

No civility anymore makes me feel like we're living a scene from The Road Runner. You know, the kind where there is a beep, beep and an explosion.
It’s like we’ve become a Cartoon Country! Getting the last word or verbal jab at someone different than you has become a sport.

So many people have become caricatures of themselves attacking, plotting, being paranoid, and using words in public they wouldn’t say to their parents----that’s what not being civil will do to a person.

There’s so much awful behavior going on right now it’s comical. Comical, but I’m not laughing.

And remember, in cartoons, everyone survives and lives for another episode, but in real life, each time someone acts like an idiot a little bit of us never recovers.

So, we better calm down soon or we might not even recognize this country. You can’t draw any other conclusion!

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