Simon Says: Mr. President, I know the two guys who could really help you!

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Sometimes, people I know ask me for advice.

Sometimes it’s good; other times “Lucy” from Charlie Brown would do a better job from her ‘help’ desk.

A few months ago, I had what I thought was good advice for President Trump.

I wanted to make sure he watched the movie “World War Z” and remembered the scene about the ‘10th man theory.’ That’s the suggestion of how a tenth man in your inner-circle always offers a dissenting opinion. This way you’ll think about all sides of an issue before making a decision.

We’ll never know how many different opinions Trump got before firing James Comey from the FBI, but the way things are going lately, I think it’s time for some more advice.

There are two things Trump needs, now more than ever. It’s not a good lawyer or accountant. Nope, he needs a good air conditioner repairman and a great plumber.

Mr. President, the a/c guy will give you what you desperately need:  someone to change your filter!

Sure, your lack of a filter got you elected, but now it’s  getting old and clogged-up. When that happens,  the only thing that comes out is hot air!

That means people at your “party” start feeling uncomfortable.

Ok, when you’re  getting that filter worked on, I hope you get the plumber to work. Doesn’t it feel like the leaks from the White House to the press are preventing any kind of momentum?

We ALL could use these repairmen in our lives.  Think about it, we use a filter when talking to everyone from the boss to the in-laws.

And when it comes to leaks, sometimes what’s said in your house ---should stay in your house! You’ll sleep better at night, and the neighbors won't gossip about you.

So please Mr. President, once again, take my advice. It’s free, but if you ignore it, it’ll cost you.

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