Simon Says: It Takes Too Long to Elect a President & It’s Annoying

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DALLAS — How are you feeling? Exhausted? Wiped out? You can’t take it anymore?!

I’m talking about what it feels like to watch the rat race for the White House!

This process feels like it never ends. We are the worst when it comes to electing a president. We move like turtles while other countries move like cheetahs.

This story reminds us of how long our campaign cycle is. Mexico’s election cycle lasts 147 days. The UK’s is 139, Canada’s is 78 and Japan’s cycle is 12 days — less than 2 weeks!

And look how long we deal: From the first candidate announcing a run to Election Day, for us, is 596 days.

Imagine if it took that long to figure out who wins a Super Bowl or the World Series.  How would you feel if the Best Picture of the Year was really Best Picture of the Past 20 Months?

You would just want it to end — be done with it already!  Too much of anything is not good.  It’s like that neighbor who doesn’t get the hint.

Love that skit!

But here’s why we can’t expect this race to be shortened.  We live in a campaign economy!

Everyone benefits from the guy making the posters and buttons to the caterer at the rallies, the people who make the ads and the people who air them on TV and radio. Billions of dollars are being spent on the election — and it takes a long time to spend that kind of money.

Maybe that’s why it feels like nothing ever gets done in Washington — because it feels like we finally elect someone, get lunch, and start the process all over again.

But get used to it, as exhausting as it is.

Nothing will cut down the election calendar, even though it’s as annoying as hell.

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