Simon Says: Is ‘Neighborhood Watch’ Gonna Watch Me Pee?!

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DALLAS -- The whole transgender bathroom debate isn’t  going away, and since the government says “holding it in” may be hazardous to your health, I think it’s fitting to NOT hold in some questions about what the law means.

So, if you gotta go in North Carolina, who enforces the law?

Red light cameras watch us go where we shouldn’t, so is it too much to think a public restroom may soon get your best angle as you walk in the door?

Will we deputize bathroom attendants?

Will citizen patrol groups  have a new beat? Just think, the neighborhood “watch” party will never be the same.

I plan on going to North Carolina this summer, so do I have to keep my birth certificate with me all the time? Suppose I really get into a  "Mrs. Doubtfire" film fest and go to the bathroom during intermission ?

Another question: the law says how you were born determines where you go to the John, because a John who becomes a Jill is a threat.  But who’s a bigger concern: a transgender person or a politician?

Three Republican Congressman have been arrested for some crappy things in a bathroom. Remember that Senator  at the Minneapolis airport?

Some Democrats  aren’t saints either, this list shows they prefer prostitutes and minors “outside” a bathroom.

C’mon people, there’s more  serious  issues to deal with, and the fact that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are the likely choices in November is one of them.

Maybe that’s why we need a serious bathroom break!

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