Simon Says: If no one shows up to hear a racist, do they exist?

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There’s something that’s been sticking with me for a few weeks. I just can’t get it out of my mind.

You know about Richard Spencer? Yeah, he’s the white supremacist who showed up in places like Charlottesville and Gainesville, Florida. It seems everywhere he goes, something else grows right in front of him: a crop of mic flags from local and national media.

THAT is the thing that bothers me.

Why do so many members of the media always show up and give people like Spencer facetime?

Whether it’s a Nazi dressed in clothes that look like they come from The Gap, or a crazy neighbor who keeps telling kids to stay off his lawn, sometimes there are people we just don’t need to hear from.

Imagine if media stopped covering people like Spencer? Their audience and reach would get smaller, and just like a bad movie, no one would ever want to watch. If something is so bad and unwatchable, it’s almost like it never exists, right?

The First Amendment gives everyone the right to speak their mind, but it also gives us the right to decide to listen. Sadly, here’s why I think everyone from the “alt-right” to the “far left” will always get those crop of microphones.

Because you never know who’s going to throw the shoe! Remember when President George W. Bush almost got a head full of loafer on a trip to Iraq? That became the story because someone did the unexpected.

So, if that ever happens to someone like Spencer, I  guess we will have team coverage and a dozen camera angles if a shoe ever goes his way. I guess a lot of people would watch that.

But, c’mon, we don’t need a flying shoe to tell us it’s time to put our foot down with people like this!

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