Simon Says: I really don’t think Congress reads all the stuff they vote on!

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We’re officially in crisis mode.

President Trump is calling the opioid epidemic in this country a national emergency.

One guy who won’t be around to help: Pennsylvania Congressman Tom Marino.

He was on tap to be the country’s Drug Czar, but a recent story on 60 Minutes was sobering! It talked about a bill he sponsored that made it harder for the DEA to fight Opioid suppliers.

President Obama signed the bill into law two years ago, and you get the feeling a lot of people in Congress never really understood what it was all about.

It’s like no one read this.


We’ve seen this before. Remember the failed health care battle over summer?

One congressman from New York went on CNN and said he “can fully admit” he didn’t read any of the bill and relied on his staff to do the job.

I can admit that makes me mad!

Imagine all the laws we live with that were never truly vetted.

What are the odds everyone in Washington read all 974 pages of Obamacare?

How did it get like this? It’s easy, a lot of us don’t want to be bothered with the fine print.

Do you know the terms of your lease, mortgage, credit card agreement?

Yet, you sign your life away, and maybe someone else.

Hundreds of college students recently signed up for fake social media service and clicked the terms of service without reading they just agreed to give up their first-born child.

We should be crying over this. Do we all think it’s OK to not sweat the details?

Apparently, that might be the case in your house and in Washington.

But you know, the devil is in those details, and if Congress doesn’t start paying attention to them, voters may telling some people in DC to go where he lives.

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