Simon Says: I figured out a way to stop those annoying sales calls!

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I’m sick of this already!

Nearly 5 times a day, I’m getting those annoying phone calls with someone trying to sell me something.

You know what I’m talking about: the free cruise, the extended warranty, the person who claims he’s from the IRS, the people who can fix your credit and the one I hate most-Mr. “Microsoft” tech support guy. He always tries to scare me with the thought of a malicious virus.

The only thing malicious here — the people or robots calling us!

I put myself on the National Do Not Call Registry years ago, but the calls keep coming.  I hear many of these companies have figured out a technical work-around so they can continue to bug the heck out of us.
This is a great example of something where we say “no”, but it happens anyway.

Think about all the examples in life where that happens.  Seriously, aren’t you feeling helpless when you have to deal with stuff you don’t want?
When it comes to callers like the fake Microsoft guy, I’ve figured out a way to make it stop.

I don’t hang up, I get hysterical!

The caller got tired of dealing with me acting scared-to-death about a virus infecting the computer. I went ‘full walking dead’ on him and it worked.  Since then, it’s like they put me on their own “do not call list”

The lesson here: sometimes we all get things thrown at us we don’t want to hear. Stuff like politics, problems and those “free trips.”

I’m convinced a good way to make them go away is to overreact and be as annoying as the person word vomiting on you.

Ya’ never know,  Holiday dinners may last longer with that annoying relative, and when it comes to those sales calls–nothing else rings true.

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