Simon Says: Here’s Why #NotMyPresident is NOT Working!

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Now that Election Day is over, we can all rest right?


It’s not such a quiet riot these days.  Many of you are protesting Trump and some of you are protesting the protesters.

We’re good at that.  After all, this country was born from protests. We’ve managed to perfect the skill through gender, wars, and more recently the economy and race.

However, this #notmypresident  is different. It’s the first time I can remember this kind of thing over the fact someone’s team  lost!

Four years ago, the streets of Salt lake City didn’t have people holding signs that said, “Romney was Robbed!” A few weeks ago Cleveland wasn’t rocking with Indian fans throwing rocks.

I get it, losing sucks, but we’re not the kind of society that causes chaos when we don’t get the trophy.

Free speech is a great and awesome power. Sometimes the more you use it, the message can be lost.

So protesters out there, as you fill-in your calendar between now and Inauguration Day, you might want to consider this : be strategic! Less is more, and it’s all in the delivery. How you get your message out sometimes says more than chants and screams.

So calm down everyone, and take a deep breath and enjoy the First Amendment

But first things first: make sure someone is actually listening!

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