Simon Says: Here’s Why a Border Wall Should Scare the Hell Out Of You

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Love the saying, “Keep Austin Weird”, but for the last few weeks, we all know someone was keeping Austin scared.

When someone sends the “gift” that no one wants, it’s terrifying.

It’s ridiculous some of you are debating whether the Austin bombing suspect was a “terrorist.” C’mon, he terrorized an entire city, isn’t that enough?

And you know if his name were Muhammed, there would be a whole different conversation going on in this country.

Which leads me to the border wall President Trump wants built and how it’s supposed to protect us.   You know, from the drug dealers, terrorists, and illegal aliens.

And in times like these, I’m reminded of another alien.  The one from all those space movies.

Remember the first one?

I like the scene near the end when Sigourney Weaver thinks she’s finally gotten away from the alien and secured herself in a cargo ship, but that creepy thing was there the whole time!

Yes, the enemy made itself at home.

You could say that about a lot of people living right next to your home, whether it’s a bomber near Austin or an active shooter in places like Parkland or Las Vegas.

Have you seen the Southern Poverty Law Center’s hate map?   They list 954 hate groups across the US.

After freaking out by this, you might want to move to New Mexico—there’s not a lot of hate there.

So, do you really think a wall is gonna fix things?  Well,  to borrow a line from the song The Wall, “We don’t need no thought control” on the issue.

Because we don’t need to keep people from getting in—–they’re already here!

And it’s going to take more than Sigourney Weaver to get rid of them.


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