Simon Says: Good Thing Ahmed Brought a Clock to School

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DALLAS — A kid from Irving makes a clock and his 15 minutes of fame have started. Ahmed Mohamed is everywhere lately — ever since some people at his high school thought his project was the bomb, literally.

We can all  assume if Ahmed looked like a young Leonardo DiCaprio, he would have gotten a pat on the back instead of a cuff on the wrist.

The school was acting out of caution. Who can blame them? I mean, history has taught us you don’t know who could be next to you.

Watch out for those protest organizers from places like India — people like Ghandi — or anyone with the first name Muhammed, as in Ali.

Yeah, and those college dropouts. They’re loafers who throw their future away. You know, dropouts like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Mark Zuckerberg.

The next time you see someone in a wheelchair who can’t talk, remember: They have nothing to say — just like Stephen Hawking.

Just like a kid from Compton has nothing to say or sing. Like NWA.

Yeah, and be careful of all those easy to spot convicted felons. You never know what they’re cooking up.

Yeah, stereotypes are awesome!

And after seeing headlines like this, no wonder the folks at MacArthur High School have made profiling so high profile.

But it’s a good thing Ahmed brought a clock to school because now, the people there have all the time in the world to figure out how a 14-year-old can look smarter than teachers.

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