Simon Says: Give Teachers guns? Tell me something NEW!   

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DALLAS -- I still can’t get over how that school resource officer at Douglas High School stayed outside and never went in.

So many people I know are sick over this.  That’s something that guy is gonna have to live with — now that so many others are not living. It’s sad, a cop with a gun can’t get the job done, and at the same time the debate goes on over if it’s a good idea to give teachers a gun.

I know some of you are saying ‘great idea’, others are thinking –‘you kidding me?’

Do you think a teacher with a concealed gun would react properly if they got into a shoving match with a student? Do you think a teacher with a gun is match for someone using an AR-15? It kind of feels like a fight between a toothpick and a baseball bat.

I’m  sure you all have different opinions on this, but I know one thing -- I’m tired of the same ol’ gun debate.  It’s like we’re living with talking points that just won’t shut up.

Don’t agree with me?   Remember ‘All in the family’? Here’s Archie Bunker on gun control, and how to stop a guy with a gun from taking over a plane.

That was 40 years ago.  It might as well be someone you know today. The more things change THEY do stay the same.

Who knows where all this talk will go about teachers packing heat. I just wish that resource officer at Douglas packed some courage.

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