Simon Says: Gas is Cheap — Still Glad You Asked For It?

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DALLAS — Wasn’t too long ago some of you saw gas at $4.50 a gallon and got sick.

Used to be, filling up your car cost as much as a ticket to Disney World. But lately, we’re learning it’s not such a small world after all, at least not when it comes to oil prices. They’re the lowest they’ve been in years. And with Iranian oil coming to a pump near you, prices could be low for a while.

We all wanted this, right?  For years, we’ve been saying, “The hell with the oil companies a and people like those Saudi Princes and palaces we help pay for!”

But what the frack is going on?

Thanks to things like fracking and drilling in places like Canada and Mexico, we’ve got more supply than demand — and headlines like this.

And everyone is happy, right?

But be careful what wish for. Because you just might get it!

Sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for. Look at Wall Street, world markets, and big  banks. And depending where you live, the value of  your house. Cheap oil is having a major impact.

It’s not like we’ve been through this before.

A long time ago, we “wished” for alcohol to be illegal. Crime went up.

Some of you wished for legal weed. Tell that to the guy trying to make a buck in Washington.

And don’t get me started with movies. Anyone who wished for more of this felt really dumb!

So go ahead, continue to wish for things to get better. But be careful, because life can be like oil — a hot mess you just can’t figure out.

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