Simon Says: All Day Egg McMuffin – What Took So Damn Long?

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You all may have heard the news about McDonald’s recently — their decision to finally serve all day breakfast is paying off.   Sales are up for the first time in awhile; this kind of thing is down and out!

We’ve all been there. We know what makes sense, but corporate America or the government takes years to listen.

Yeah, I spent my childhood looking past people’s heads to see movies in theaters, until finally, theater chains made stadium seats.

It just made sense – just  like Egg McMuffin after 10:30 am.

So thinking about this, there are so many other Egg McMuffins out there — changes — where we’ve all been saying, ‘What’s taking so damn long?’

Like making all cell phone plans to include unlimited data.  I’m sick of getting these texts — and bills that take hours to read.

Like stop allowing banks to charge overdraft fees!  If you don’t have it, the bank shouldn’t  spend it! And make a billion in the process.

And make a billion in the process.

Like changing what airlines get away with; if you buy a seat on a plane, it should at least feel like a seat.

Let’s change the mentality that a lot of homework is good for a kid!

And let this year be the year we start the conversation about how we elect a president; Iowa and New Hampshire shouldn’t set a tone. More people live in DFW than in both states combined.  And don’t get me started on diversity.

These changes just make sense, just like all day breakfast. Unfortunately, your bank, airline, cell phone carrier, school, and political party can’t stomach it.

And we’re the ones sick over it!

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