Simon Says: Affluenza Teen Has Something in Common with Big Boobs & Twinkies… Uhh

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DALLAS -- I hate this kid. And so do you. Take a few seconds and call Ethan Couch anything you want.

Yeah, that affluenza defense after getting drunk and killing four people had all of us p-o'd. And his recent jaunt to Mexico with Carrot Top -- I mean Mom -- has all of us fired up.

We're angry over this, but a word of warning: His argument that money made him do it wasn't the first time for this kind of thing. Others have gone to court with excuses -- worse than when your algebra becomes dinner!

Look it up. Before affluenza, we heard about "sexsomnia" when a guy assaulted a woman while he slept.

Twenty-five years ago, there was the "music made me do it" defense. Kids in Kansas said listening to the Geto Boys hypnotized them into committing murder.

People have claimed Twinkies, an Ouija board, PMS, and the size of their boobs have been the reason they broke the law.

Let's face it, when you're staring at hard time, it's easy to come up with a reason for why you screwed up.

Ethan Couch Arrested in Meixco
Ethan Couch Arrested in Mexico

You hate him, but are you like him?

How many of you would allow a lawyer to conceive why you broke the law? I have a feeling a lot of you would suffer from any condition if you thought it would work.

So go ahead and call this idiot anything you want, but when it comes to walking in his legal shoes, more of us could be just like him.

That's a truth that hurts!


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