Signed & Delivered: Plano Equal Rights Policy Petition Submitted

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PLANO, Texas—The petitions are in. The City of Plano is in the process of verifying thousands of signatures against the Equal Rights Ordinance.

One of the folks who led this campaign is Senator  Ted Cruz’s dad, Pastor Rafael Cruz.

“[Pastors] need to stop hiding behind our pulpits,” Cruz said at a press conference on January 7.

But who would disagree with equal rights, right?

Lines in the document that include equal treatment for folks in the LGBT community has these folks upset. They say it infringes upon businesses and their religious beliefs.

One example they spoke of at the presser, if a wedding photography business refuses to photograph a same-sex couple.

“This is an outright attack on our Judeo-Christian principles,” Cruz added.

But the city says it exempts religious groups and isn’t any different from existing federal laws that prevent discrimination.

Some folks in Plano agree with the Council’s decision to put this policy in place.

“No, they shouldn’t protest about these equal rights,” resident Keisha Nelson said.  “We have freedom of choice!”

“Come on now, that’s not fair,” resident Janet Martin added.  “That’s not equal rights.  That’s prejudice.”

Martin knows from experience.

“My daughter’s bisexual,” according to Martin.  “She prefers women.  That doesn’t make her a bad person, she should have legal rights just like anybody else.”

Others see it from both sides.

“I do understand why, but that’s just going to hinder businesses and create social tension,” resident Liliana Cabrera said.

Either way, if 3,822 signatures are certified, the ordinance will be put on the ballot.

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