Sign of the times? Does Gene Simmons have the ‘right’ to trademark ‘Rock on’ symbol?

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LOS ANGELES, CA -- KISS' main guy, Gene Simmons has proved he loves to rock and roll but he might have a hard time convincing a judge he's the mastermind behind the 'Rock On' symbol.

Rock fans and really anyone feeling hardcore has put up the the sign for years -- either with the thumb out or tucked!

According to Gene he's the first to do it!

He's also went as far as filing an application to trademark the gesture.

Gene, we appreciate the  "gesture" but our time line seems a bit hazy.

You reportedly say back in 1974 during KISS' Hotter than Hell tour you first used it.

Well John Lennon also used it on the cover of a Beatles record in 1966.

Ronnie James Dio of Black Sabbath also used it around the same time you did.

Then things really get tangled in a web because we also noticed, Spider-man uses it to shoot his silk.

He was created by Stan Lee in 1962.

Back in 1955, UT established it (with the thumbs in) as the "Hook 'em Horns" symbol.

But the real debate probably ends here.

Since the original symbol (with thumbs out) does mean "I Love You" in American Sign Language it's safe to say the idea all started in 1817.

Look Gene, we got to hand it to you -- claiming the popular sign is genius but you can probably KISS that trademark goodbye!

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