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DALLAS — Sonny Bryan’s BBQ opened in a wooden shack on Inwood Road back in 1958.

“The newspaper ran a story saying, ‘This store would likely fail because it was too far north,'” said Brent Harman, Sonny Bryan’s president.

But the restaurant took off and they were notorious for closing their doors as soon as they ran out of BBQ. Now almost 60 years later, not only are they still smoking, they’re expanding their hours.

“The original location is going to go 24/7 on May the 10th, officially,” said Harman.

This legendary BBQ  joint says they got the idea after catering a hospital event and hearing the overnight shift was starving for BBQ.  Since they were already up, smoking ribs and brisket, it was a natural fit.

Turns out, cops on the swing shift are also ready to scrap burgers and fries for BBQ.

“We’re limited to fast food, so a place like this opening up 24 hours, there’s going to be a lot of cop cars out here,” said Cpl. Raymond Dominguez of DPD.