Should we have separate flights for people traveling with kids?

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Planning on jumping on a plane this summer? Imagine taking off,  breathing that sigh of relief because work is out of the picture and you can finally relax,  but then you realize you're sitting next to a loud, obnoxious  - child!

Well, apparently on Jet Blue Airlines being an unruly kid can get the whole family kicked off a flight.

On a trip from Fort Lauderdale to New York, a mom and dad claim they were sent packing because their daughter annoyed the woman in front of her by kicking her chair. This happened before the flight even took off!

Seems a bit harsh right? But if you think about it the "friendly skies" aren't really that kid friendly.

We have business class and first class, so it makes sense, the next step should be a family section on flights or better yet flights specifically for families? You know, have some kid friendly movies, kid approved snacks and maybe even changing tables in the restrooms. Everything that would make traveling with the kids a lot easier not only for the parents but everyone!

Because even though you might want to tell the little rascal off, not every parent would appreciate that!

And yes it may cost more to for families to fly separately and flights to ban kids but it's a cost that's a whole lot easier to swallow than a checked bag fee.

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