Should Movie Theaters Ramp Up Security?

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With violence spilling off the screen and into the theater, folks are starting to get a little gun shy when it comes to catching their favorite flick. One thing people want to see  is cinema security.

“When I do go to theaters, it's kind of rare that I see a security guard or a police officer,” said Abe Hernandez.

“You’ve got the school shootings, you’ve got the theater shootings so more protection, more security, would benefit us all," Dontrelle Pennington said.

Yeah,  with deadly attacks in Aurora, Colorado and now Lafayette, Louisiana,  presidential candidates are stepping up to shoot from the hip on gun control in public places like movie theaters.

“I would suggest these concepts of gun free zones are a bad idea,” Rick Perry said.

“There is no such thing as safe or unsafe places; there is only safe or unsafe people," self-defense teacher Robert Phillips tells folks. Phillips says you can ramp up security all you want; people will find a way around it. He says your survival could depend on paying attention to your surroundings.

“Don`t be on your phone; probably shouldn’t be on your phone anyway in a movie theater, right? But, just pay attention to other people.”

Phillips says always have a plan in case of emergency, and while he'd like to see more security playing  at the movies, that may not always be an option.

But he says don’t let fear keep you from seeing a scary movie.

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