Shots Fired at Mark Zuckerberg Over Cute Pic of Daughter Getting Vaccines

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We know, some of you hate when your news feeds are flooded with baby pics from your friends. It starts off adorable, then can turn freaking annoying.

But who knew Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg would get so much hate for posting this adorable picture of his baby daughter, Maxima?

Don’t see the issue? Check out the caption: “Doctor visit — time for vaccines!”

Yep, that prompted those anti-vaxxers to take shots at the new dad.

“Injecting newborns and infants with disease and neurotoxins is disgusting science that injures millions every year.”

And… “Shame on you and your souls.”

You’ve heard the debate over and over again. Many anti-vaccine advocates claim there’s a link between vaccines and autism. But science appears to prove — that’s a lie.

Others thanked Zuckerberg for making the statement. Long before this adorable pic of Max, he took a stance on the issue saying, “The science is completely clear: Vaccines work and are important for the health of everyone in our community.”

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