Shocking Find: Mom Sends Baby Through X-ray Scanner at Airport

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MANILA - Traveling through airport security can be a real hassle, especially if you pack something illegal!

Airport security at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport in the Philippines didn't find the traditional pocket knife when x-raying one woman's carry on.

The image on the screen showed that 25-year-old; Jennifer Pavolaurea had packed her two-month-old baby in a back pack.

Looks like desperate attempt to travel with the newborn after failing to produce the correct immigration paperwork.

Luckily for this bundle of joy, he slept through it all.

Good thing her baggage didn't land her in the slammer!

In 2012, airport staff at DFW International Airport showed us some of their seizures.

"This is a knife disguised as a comb, not a good thing to have at the airport under any circumstances obviously," said an airport employee.

"These are some of these Asian throwing stars that can do a lot of damage when thrown properly," he said.

Goes to show you folks, you never know who's packing, literally!

Here's a tip to bypass security troubles, keep your kids and weapons out of your carry-on!

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