SHEro self defense instructor takin’ names in Dallas!

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DALLAS, Tx. – No, this isn’t a fight breaking out at Comic Con.

“It`s more of a women`s empowerment type of event worked in with self defense against common attacks today on women,” says Michelle Manu, instructor of SHE or the Super Hero Experience. It’s one of the events hosted by the Chamberlain Studios of Self Defense this weekend.

“Training and Dojo etiquette for martial artists doesn`t prepare us for what`s about to come at us on the street, for instance, I was confronted with a hammer,” explains Manu.

That`s not something you might see in every self defense class… neither are these costumes!

“This is not learning how to kick and punch, this is learning about how to asses a situation – do you even know what you`re going to do? If you see blood whether it`s your or the opponent will you freak out and freeze or will you keep going? These are things that we have to mentally prepare for.”

And that`s not the only difference at this Hawaiian themed event.

“So part of the Hula move is kind of this.” Then she puts the moves into action.

As for the message for these Sheroes…

“It`s important for me, for women to remember who they are. Somehow in society we`ve forgotten how very powerful we are.”

She doesn’t mean flying or laser beam powers.

“I`ve learned that I`m very powerful but I`m not blind to societal impacts of what we`re supposed to be as women and what`s expected of us, but I will not dim myself.”

Nothing ‘dim’ about tossing an attacker to the ground!

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