This Woman Died at Work & Was Brought Back to Life!

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BEDFORD -- Tane Kidwell doesn't remember much about the day she died.

"I have no recollection of anything happening," Kidwell said. "I've been told I went to lunch, came back from lunch to relieve a coworker, and she said that I looked at her and said 'My chest is hurting, it doesn't feel right.'  And she said 'The next thing I knew, you were on the floor.'"

And the next thing Tane knew, she was waking up at Texas Health HEB, lucky to be alive.

"Ms. Kidwell came in after sustaining a cardiac arrest and what we would call sudden cardiac death," said Dr. David Carter, Tane's heart surgeon.

And that is exactly what it sounds like, Kidwell says: "Yeah, I was clinically dead."

It took 48 hours for doctors to get Tane stabilized enough to operate and a bypass surgery to save her life.  All from a severe coronary disease she had no idea she even had!

"It happens more often than you'd realize," Dr. Carter said. "The event can happen several hundred thousand times in the United States a year."

And when sudden cardiac death occurs, it's up to whoever's around to call 911 and act quickly.

"Every minute that passes after your arrest decreases your survival by 10%," said Dr. Carter.  He says the best thing to do is find a nearby AED device, but "The easiest thing to do is just do CPR."

"Just doing chest compressions is enough to keep a person's heart pumping," Kidwell added.

It was Tane's coworkers and customers that kept her heart pumping until the ambulance arrived, and Texas Health's team of pros took it from there.

Now, Ms. Kidwell says she's using her new lease on life to make a difference for others, by spreading some good advice.

"Don't assume that you have tomorrow.  Don't assume that you have ten minutes from now.  Because you might not," she told NewsFix. "Take care of yourself.  If you smoke, stop.  Eat healthy.  Exercise.  The main thing is, listen to your body."

Yeah, knowing how to prevent, and respond to, medical emergencies could save a life.  Or even bring one back from the dead.

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