Sex with Stefani: Questions that have you hot and bothered

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I am always talking to you about sex, but now here is your opportunity to ask your questions. After reading some viewer emails here are a few questions that you have on your mind.

The first question: how many times do people have sex in a month on average?

Well, according to the research by the Kinsey Institute, people between the ages of 18-29, have sex on average of 9 times per month. 40 and up, 6 times a month.

What is interesting is millennials are 51% more likely than baby boomers to say they have no interest in sex.

It’s important to remember that it is less important to focus on how much sex other people are having and more important on how much sex you are having. But one caveat, a lot of times couples come into my office wanting more sex and what they mean is they want better sex.

The next question asked: is it normal not to orgasm from sex?

So I think it’s important to remember what sex is all about if you’re not procreating, sex is about pleasure. I think what the focus ends up being on is reaching orgasm, but what I encourage my couples to do is not focus on the orgasm. I think people focus so much on the orgasm they lose the pleasure of the experience. It is important to remember it’s not the end result, it is connection and pleasure.

Remember if you have a question that has you hot and bothered let me know, I may have the answer you’ve been looking for.

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