Sex with Stefani: In a rut? How you can steam up your sex life

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There’s no question, sex lives can have their peaks and valleys. And, naturally, the valleys can worry couples. It’s one of the reasons why couples go to sex therapy.

It’s common to get comfortable in a relationship or to lose interest when it comes to sex. Some of the signs include less effort in connecting, trying less to impress, or comparing your relationship to others in your life.

When people go to therapy saying they want more sex, what they really mean is they want better sex. But how do you do that? One of the best ways to connect is to disconnect from technology when it comes to communication.

However, if you need some tech to get you in the mood, try a podcast like Modern Love. If you need some low-tech help… try toys.

Bottom line: don’t worry if you’re in a rut. Just like the weather, anything cold will ultimately heat up.

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