Senior Stoners: 10 Reasons Your Grandparents Should Smoke Pot

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NEW YORK — Apparently, weed isn’t just for the young anymore — and it’s not just for fun. For proof, we turn to the experts in the pages of “High Times” magazine.

The roach rag just released its list of “10 Reasons Your Grandparents Should Use Pot.”

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Some of the reasons include preventing and treating Alzheimer’s and cancer, preventing osteoporosis and treating insomnia. They even include links to studies in major medical journals to back up their points.

The author of the article also happens to be the editor of a website called”Senior Stoner.” Tagline: Our joints never ache. Ha!

Apparently, Cheri’s done some of her own research, too, if you catch our drift.

Of course, in most cases, your grandma and grandpa can’t get their weed legally. But if they’re gonna use it anyway, and they need an excuse, we got 10 of ’em.

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