Selfies and empowerment have Millennials turning to botox as a preventative treatment

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When it comes to botox and fillers, the 22 to 37-year-old crowd is pouring into beauty centers around the country by the masses.

But why the uptick in a relatively younger crowd? I met up with the crew at Renew Beauty in Dallas to find out. And we do warn you, there are needles involved.

Traditionally botox is used to turn back the clock, but thanks to social media and the power of the selfie, millenials are now using botox as a preventative treatment.

“The rise in millenials has been greater than I've ever seen in years. Often when I look into our waiting area, half the clients will be millenials” says Louise Proux.

Proux and Dallas-based Renew Beauty Med Spa have been in the buinsess of beauty for over 10 years, and she says the clientel is getting younger and younger

Proux says “We're seeing young people as early as 19 to 24-years-old and I think for millennials the real effort for them is to make sure they look good for the long term. So they are doing it for prevention.”

For 24-year-old Breanne Ball, who is getting botox for the second time, social media didn't really influence her decision to go under the needle

Breanne tells us “I'm more about looking good and feeling confident in my own skin and not necessarily changing my appearance but enhancing and I just want to look good in the long run and feel confident in my own skin and it is preventative so that's more the reason behind it.”

Now Breanne admits she was nervous about going on camera to discuss her botox, but she has a message for anyone watching:


“Some people may be a little hesitant about it because they are like 'oh I don't know, what are people going to think? Are they going to judge me?' But right now we are in the women empowerment movement and if it's going to make you look better and feel better, go for it.”

But not all millenials are jumping on the botox bandwagon.

Jordan Lorne, a millnnials says “I just don't know how I feel about it. It's very difficult for me and I see a lot of people over do it. But I also see people who have done it a little bit and that seems good for them. I'm sure with age when I see things start to happen I'll prob have a little bit done just to maintain my youthful look, but for right now I feel 100%.”

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