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October 28 2021 07:00 pm

Self Patrol: Armed Self-Defense Patrol Marches in Dallas

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DALLAS – The Huey P. Newton Gun Club was back on the streets Monday.

The “armed self-defense patrol” marched around Dixon Circle. That’s the area where James Harper was shot and killed by a Dallas cop back in July of 2012 during a raid on a drug house. The shooting sparked outrage in the community.

The group advocates self-policing of black neighborhoods. They say they want to educate black people on their gun rights.

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“The end goal is to establish the situation where all black people in every community are armed,” said Darren Ecks. “They’re ready to do self-defense,q not just against the police department, but against drug dealers or against anybody that would bring harm to the communities.”

He added, “It’s time for us to start cleaning up our own communities.”

The march went off without incident, just a few squad cars observing the Gun Club. But the group says that there have been too many incidents already. That’s why a dozen armed citizens took to the streets on a typical Monday morning.

Hey, it’s basically a neighborhood watch. What could go wrong?

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