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ARLINGTON- Arlington’s going autonomous!

“The city has a one year pilot program with a company called,” said Lyndsay Mitchell from the office of Strategic Initiatives. “These will be vans that will be completely autonomous, but will be stocked with a safety driver and a customer service ambassador.”

The city is preparing to roll out a small fleet of self driving vehicles this fall, to offer a free ride sharing service to help you get around.

“They’ll be operating initially in our entertainment district for special events, and also with daily regular service,” Mitchell. “Anyone can use it, it is open to the general public, we’re very proud to be the first city in Texas who has an autonomous vehicle program that is on-street. ”

And while self driving vehicles haven’t had the best rep lately, the city says they’re confident that this will be a safe ride. Even when it comes to drunk Cowboys fans!

“The vehicles only go, at a top speed of 35 miles per hour,” Mitchell. “These vehicles are amazing they have 360 degree visualization all around the vehicle they can see all kinds of obstacles, they can identify they difference between a person or a stationary object.”

The vans will be hitting the streets on October 19th, and we’ll be one step closer to living like the Jetsons!