SEE IT: Malia Obama in a daze as escorted out of Lollapalooza

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CHICAGO — We can only imagine what Barack and Michelle are thinking right now after seeing this.

TMZ posted video that shows a dazed Malia Obama being rolled out of the Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago on a golf cart.

Hey, we’re not jumping to conclusions, because honestly, we don’t know what the heck is going on here. But uh, makes you wonder what’s really in that Deja Blue water can she was seen holding.

To say the Obama sisters lived it up Friday night is an understatement. Malia head banged, rolled around in the grass with friends and danced like crazy. You know, doing what teens at Lollapalooza do!

Little sis Sasha was there, too, doing what 16-year-olds do — making out. Yep, Sasha was reportedly seen locking lips with some dude named “Matt.”

And to top off the wild night, Malia reportedly lost her darn iPhone.

Man, talk about an EPIC end to a gap year before starting at Harvard this fall. Let’s hope Malia’s too busy hitting the books and doesn’t end up on TMZ like this again.

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