SEE IT: 12-Year-Old Arrested in Ohio Pool Party Fight

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WARNING! This video contains graphic language

FAIRFIELD, OH — First McKinney, now another chaotic pool party is making waves. This time in Fairfield, Ohio, where a mother and her two children, ages 12 and 15, were all arrested.

The mom even claims officers broke her daughter’s jaw and several ribs during what she calls racially-motivated, excessive police force.

Trouble started when Krystal Dixon, who is black, says she was told one of the kids didn’t have on a proper swimsuit.

Dixon claims she left to get proper attire but was still asked to leave when she returned. She refused, and that’s when the cops were called.

From there, things got out of control — and that’s putting it mildly.

Unlike the McKinney pool party incident, it’s not just one white officer being accused of excessive force. Several officers are being questioned.

But the Fairfield Police Department says this family clearly resisted arrest and stands by its officers’ decisions.

What do you think — justified or just wrong?

Either way, nothing good will ever come from fighting with police, no matter who’s in the wrong.

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