Actress Kate Micucci Creates Art to Benefit Center for BrainHealth

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DALLAS -- The season of giving and thanks is upon us... a time reserved for reflection and celebration of life’s bountiful blessings.

It's a season when open hearts selflessly share their time and talents with others.

"Today I am prepping for the art show we’re doing here on December 3rd,” actress Kate Micucci told NewsFix.

Micucci was in Dallas creating one-of-a-kind works of art to benefit the Think Ahead Group with the Center for BrainHealth.

The actress known for her roles in Scrubs, Raising Hope and the Big Bang Theory is lending her creative craft to help the Dallas-based institute dedicated to protecting and healing the brain with innovative technology.

"I just want everyone to have a good time at the opening and I think it’ll be really fun to just have a really cool party, surrounded by art and good people, help benefit a charity is also really awesome,” Micucci said.

“You don’t think about brain health every day, and you really should," Christy Coltrin, co-owner of Brad Oldham Sculpture added.

"What is more important than how your brain functions, keeping it sharp, protecting it? And understanding your brain, and to marry that with art work, is really kind of cool.”

Micucci's creations are unique and expressive; using unconventional materials, courtesy the Park Place Dealerships.

"I like the challenge of just doing something that’s not a flat surface, visually, it’s something different and it will look really cool hanging on a wall.”

MIcucci's  work will be sold next month at her art show party in downtown Dallas. The show will be held at the Brad Oldham Sculpture studio.

"I think [giving] is the number one foundation for what most people should be doing," Brad Oldham explained.

"It’s very important in my family and myself because giving back enhances your own life it’s much better to give back just because you aren’t taking from everything else.”

A young artist driven to ignite change through inspiration.

"Kate’s the type of person who has a genuine, true heart and the kind of person you want to keep up with for the rest of your life,” Coltrin added.


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