Seahawks QB Hits the Field with Rangers

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Seahawks QB Russell Wilson dropped by the Rangers Spring Training on Saturday.
Seahawks QB Russell Wilson dropped by the Rangers Spring Training on Saturday.

SURPRISE, AZ – Okay baseball fans, the wait is almost over. That’s right, the MLB`s first pitch is just a week away.

But, before the fans fill the stands and the bases are loaded, some experts are already sizing-up the Rangers’ chances. And chances are, you`re probably not going to like it.

The folks over at Bleacher Report have Texas finishing fourth in the AL West, while SB Nation and FanGraphs both have them finishing dead last. Ouch!

What’s more, only gives the Rangers a 10% chance of making the playoffs.

Hey, don’t throw in the rally towel yet. Athlon Sports has our boys of summer finishing third in the division.

But then again, they made that call before the club lost Yu Darvish for the year.

If you`re a gambling man, Vegas has the odds of the Rangers winning the World Series at 50 to 1. That’s a swing and a miss.

Okay, so the season looks stacked against the boys. But yesterday, they got a visit from a guy who knows a thing or two about championship runs: Seahawks quarterback, Russell Wilson.

Yeah, the team drafted him last year, and on Saturday, he joined the club to take a little batting practice and fire the team up.

“Consistency and your perspective shouldn`t really change that much,” Wilson said. “The idea of having a championship mindset, that hasn`t left me once.”

“I think that`s what`s so important, that`s what I was trying to express to the Rangers guy`s last night and they understood, they had some some awesome questions, we had some great convo about that.”

Well, here`s hoping the Rangers picked up a trick or two from the QB, and just maybe this season won`t be the lost cause some are predicting.

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