Scooter riders to be fined on Katy Trail

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DALLAS - The Katy Trail is a popular area for many in Dallas, whether you come to walk, run, or ride your bike.

But, one thing you shouldn't be seeing anymore is people riding those electric scooters.

The Dallas Parks and Rec Department recently put up a sign saying that the scooters are officially banned, and if you're caught, expect to pay up to $200 in fines.

The park says they're done giving verbal warnings so don't think you'll let off easy this time. And believe it or not, some folks along the trail had no idea the new rule existed.

"I think that they're a lot of fun and that you should be able to ride them on there," a rider said.

"Since I just found out now we're going to have to find a new way home I guess back to the car cause we can through the trail," another said.

Guess these two will have try the old fashioned way of getting around... on foot!

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