Scary Skeeters: Officials Believe Puerto Rico on Verge of Zika Crisis

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ATLANTA, GA - This year, mosquito season carries a whole new level of risk thanks to the Zika virus. The virus, which has been prominent in South America, is believed to be linked to birth defects in newborns. That's why the CDC has issued travel warnings for pregnant women.

But the worst of the virus may be yet to come. U.S. health officials believe Zika is on the cusp of wreaking havoc in Puerto Rico. Researchers say by next year there could be hundreds of thousands of Zika cases within the territory.

That's why the CDC is speeding up production of test kits and prevention kits, but all of that takes money. Just last month President Barack Obama asked Congress for almost $2 billion to combat the virus. So far Congress has not approved the funding.

For now health officials advise pregnant women to avoid traveling to any area where Zika virus transmission is ongoing. They also advise that if they have a male partner who lives or has traveled to a Zika-infected area that they avoid unprotected sex while they're pregnant.

Make sure you stock up on repellent; this could wind up being a long summer.

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