DALLAS (KDAF) — Attention all pizza lovers in Dallas! Hormel Foods, a leading food company, recently released a report on the top-5 pizza topping trends for 2023 and beyond.

These trends offer exciting new possibilities for pizza toppings, and they are sure to appeal to foodies and pizza fans alike. They can potentially show up at your local Dallas pizza shop!

International Flavors

Hormel talks about the rise of culinary travel. “One of the fastest growing trends in pizza is international flavors, with Thai, Vietnamese and Mexican flavors topping that ever-growing list,” Pizza-topping expert Kyle Flottman said. With the rise of unique flavors, Hormel says that foodies will also start using more non-traditional ingredients.

Bold Flavors

The pizza world has recently seen the rise of plant-based, dairy-free, and pickle pizzas, says Flottman. There is no doubt that these new creations will bring a unique flavor to pizza that has never been seen before. Additionally, they provide plant-based diet followers with an alternative to pizza.

Cupping sausage and spicy flavors

While the pizza world has been experiencing an influx of creative, plant-based options, the sausage industry has also seen a surge in innovation. Hormel Foods said cupping sausage is reaching trends at an all-time high. Spicy and complex flavors will also make an appearance in the taste buds. “Many consumers tie food choices to self-expression,” Flottman said. “Consumers want spicy, complex flavors on their pizza pies. And we’re not just talking sweet and spicy. Consumers are bending the flavor system with some unlikely matchups, such as chili-dog pizza and Thai curry chicken pizza.”


However, the innovation in the pizza industry doesn’t just stop at the flavor combinations. One of the latest techniques gaining popularity in the pizza world is known as “cup-and-char” post-bake. Which Hormel describes as “a culinary creation that involves cooking half of the pepperoni in a pan and then placing it on top of the finished pizza.”

With all these trends around which one are you excited to see at your local Dallas pizza shop?