Santa’s Physical: Saint Nick Gets a Check-Up Days Before Christmas

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NORTH TEXAS – Instead of making a list and checking it twice, this go-round Santa is the one getting checked. Yep, Jolly Old Saint Nick took a trip from the North Pole to North Texas to get a physical.

And rightfully so. We wouldn’t want him to spread more than Christmas cheer this season would we? With all the scary stuff going on this year, it’s not a bad idea Santa gets a check-up.

Let’s go down this naughty list. There’s Ebola. Yeah, who could forget our encounter right here in Dallas? Sure hope the Doc asked Santa if he stopped in West Africa before heading to the States.

Moving along to the current threat – the Flu. Stats show the bug will be at its peak during the holidays. Let’s hope the big guy got his shot already.

And new to the list, the crazy candy apple Listeria cases. The CDC says those bad apples are linked to at least four deaths and have hospitalized over 20 folks.

Guess Santa doesn’t have insurance, or Obamacare. Kris Kringle paid his Doc with presents.

“Well in this case a stethoscope,” Santa said. “A red one.”

Useful and practical – so Santa!

Well, with a clean bill of health, Santa found time to let some kiddos sit on his lap. How sweet.

Here’s to you Santa, for being ho-ho-healthy, and off the naughty list.

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