Developing: Russia Invaded Ukraine, Hacked U.S. Banks?

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NOVOAZOVSK, UKRAINE – It’s starting to look like Russian troops are rushing to invade Ukraine, or at least the Russians who aren’t there yet.

A video released by what’s left of the Ukrainian government supposedly shows a Russian tank moving into a city in eastern Ukraine, joining up with more than 1,000 Russians with heavy weapons who are already fighting government troops in southern Ukraine.

But Ukraine may not be the only battleground for the Russians.

The FBI says the Russians may have been behind this month’s hack attack of JPMorgan Chase. The feds say highly sophisticated cyber thieves made off with gigabytes of sensitive data.

The hi-tech pirates may have also attacked other US banks.

Investigators like the Russians for this because of recent tensions between the US and Russia, particularly over the conflicts in Ukraine and Syria.

But even if investigators tie Russia to the attacks, experts say the US won`t go to war because it’s all part of doing business.

And you can bank on that.

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