Russian officials say they may have killed top ISIS leader

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SYRIA — Russia may have killed ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi.

The Russian military announced on Friday, and they’re still trying to confirm it.

They believe he may have been killed during an airstrike last month in Syria.

Now, Al-Baghdadi’s death has been rumored before, but his whereabouts have long been a mystery.

So what can we expect to see if the information is true?

We know Russia wants ISIS out of Syria so President Bashar Al-Assad can regain complete control of the country.

But would Al-Baghdadi’s murder mean the end of ISIS, or terrorist attacks all together?

Not so much.

Other prominent terrorist leaders have been killed in the past, like Osama Bin Laden and Anwar Al-Awlaki, but their deaths never brought an end to the senseless killings committed by groups like Al Qaeda and ISIS.

In fact, what we often see a lot of is retaliation by other members, and we’ve seen enough death of the innocents lately.

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