Ruptured Water Tower Floods Irving Apartment Complex

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IRVING, Texas — With all this rain, North Texans have gotten used to treading water. But for folks at one Irving apartment complex, their flash flood had nothing to do with Mother Nature.

“Around about 7, 7:30, all of a sudden we heard a pop and we were like, ‘What was that?’ And all of a sudden, we just saw water coming from up under the fence over there in that yard," said Newport Apartment resident Beverly Faggins.

Yeah, the water main in the tower next door burst, sending a literal tidal wave into the apartments. The rushing water was so intense, it stranded everyone. We're talking a reported 2 million gallons of water!

“We were standing on the steps for two hours. We were trapped on the steps,” resident Tondolyn Miller told NewsFix. “And my neighbor’s daughter was stuck in the house and we had to get her out and it damaged my neighbor’s house really bad.”

And they just had to wait it all out while the entire water tower drained. The sudden tsunami had these folks thinking of a flood of Biblical proportions!

“I said, 'God, you said you wasn’t gonna flood the world!' So I knew it wasn’t the end, but for us, it was like the end,” said Faggins.

Luckily, nobody was hurt in the freak flash flood, but the damage to the nearby apartments won’t just be mopped up.

So whether it’s from the skies or right next door, you never know when you might have to build an ark.

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