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DALLAS — When you look at her pictures, you realize Zephyr is a lot of things.

She’s a fashion plate, a tree hugger, a swimmer, a hand shaker, a dog lover, maybe not a pig lover, and most of all a smiler!

“She’s just really fun and energetic,” said Dallas Pets Alive! Marketing Director Haley Edman.

So what’s this dog’s dilemma?

Who knows!

“She’s been with Dallas Pets Alive! since May of 2016, and we have no idea why because she’s pretty much the perfect dog,” Edman said.

Surely she’s overcome something unspeakable, right?

“Zephyr was actually found as a stray in Dallas, and the only thing wrong with her is she had a little hair loss, but that could be from stress,” Edman said from Boarding Bugalow – Las Colinas.

Okay. Then it was a medical malady?

“She has no known medical issues,” Edman said. “She’s been checked out by several vets.”

It’s possible, perhaps, that this pup was just lost in the pack.

“In May 2016, Dallas Animal Services had a ton of dogs that were coming in the shelter every single day,” Edman explained.

Zephyr was part of an 80 dog group Dallas Pets Alive! grabbed from DAS that month. Now, though, all she has for you are skills and thrills!

“She learns tricks very quickly, like sit and stay,” Edman said. “If you want to teach her other tricks, I’m sure she’ll pick up on that too.”

Overlooked is no reason to be all alone! Zephyr would certainly be a breath of fresh air for your family.

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