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DALLAS — When Zella got picked up off the streets, she had all the usual stray dog maladies.

“She was extremely matted and visibly neglected,” says Suleika Bloom, fundraising director for Dallas Pets Alive!

There was more. Zella was also extremely disoriented.

“She didn’t know where she was or what she was doing. She was just out of it,” says Bloom.

Dallas Pets Alive! took Zella to the vet to try to turn off this crazy “orb of confusion.”

“She has something called a liver shunt,” says Bloom. “Her body has a hard time processing protein rich foods.”

Zella was put on a reverse Atkins diet with more veggies instead of meat. With her head on straight, she started over.

“At first, she really didn’t know how to play. It was like she missed the puppy stage of growing up,” says Bloom. “She has slowly come our of her shell and has learned how to play.”

Now Zella is not only “full of fun,” she is a straight shooter.

“She was no longer this disoriented scared dog. She became bright, alert and super playful,” says Bloom.

This girl is ready to walk straight into a “fur-ever” home. You’d be crazy to say no to this face.