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DALLAS — It’s a classic superhero origin story. First, there’s tragedy.

“When she was found, she had been ran over by a car, and she had to have a lot of surgeries,” said eight-year-old Caleb Easter.

Her name is Golden Sugar, and her glowing golden coat brings to mind a fair maiden of fairy tales, the one and only Rapunzel.

Her rebirth from that car accident, though, made her less woman in need and more Wolverine!

“Dislocated hips, broken legs, and spine, we really had to fuse her body back together,” Dallas Pets Alive! Marketing Director Haley Edman said.

She might as well have been pumped full of Adamantium.

A little bedrest got her back on her feet, and then she found her boys. For the Easter family, and their three young boys especially, Sugar’s been a sweet treat so far.

“She’s a very good dog and will do almost anything you say,” Caleb Easter said.

Even three-year-old Cooper’s hooked on Sugar!

“Sometimes she sleeps in my bed!” he giggled into the microphone.

She’s fiercely loyal to Caleb, six-year-old Connor, and Coop, even bringing out the claws when she feels they need to be protected. If another dog gets too close, she lets them hear about it.

That best friend bond definitely goes both ways.

“Connor already called taking her to college,” Caleb said.

“Cause she’s a nice dog,” Connor Easter confirmed.

A dog and her boys, what’s better?

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