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DALLAS – We told you the tragic tale of Primrose in November 2015. She was the victim of a possible doggie hit and run.

“Her eye socket and part of her nasal cavity were caved in,” Haley Edman of Dallas Pets Alive! said.

The damage caused a chain reaction of bad news for Prim.

“When we first found her she was emaciated because she couldn’t eat,” Edman said. “She was in a lot of pain.”

Luckily, her sequel has a happy ending. Primrose’s accident may have left her jaw permanently crooked. But, it turned out to be a selling point for her new family.

“She`s just has one of those sweet, one-of-a-kind, kind of faces,” says her new owner Vanessa Svatek.

“She’s ‘derpy!’” adds her daughter Alyssa.

Prim is still trying to get over her mischievous puppy ways in her new home.

“It’s a lot like having a baby,”  Svatek said. “ We can’t really leave her in the kitchen by herself or she’ll help herself to whatever is up on the counter.”

Slowly, but surely, Primrose is learning her manners.

“We’re getting adjusted to each other, she is a little calmer. She’s learning her commands like sit and stay and come,” says Svatek.

In the end for Primrose, take two, the odds were ever in her favor.