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DALLAS –  A single mom swept up off the streets. Teusher’s journey has been like climbing the Swiss Alps.

“She could have gotten into a fight, we really don`t know,” said Haley Edman of Dallas Pets Alive. “But, it looked like she had a couple of scars on her body.”

When she ended up in the shelter as a stray, she was starving for human affection.

“She didn’t want the humans to leave her side,” Edman says. “The person who went to go dog test her at the shelter said when she was leaving, they had to physically pick her back up and put her into her cage.”

The scars and her shy, clingy personality meant Teuscher’s chances for adoption were extremely slim.

“She didn’t really have a chance to be on the adoption floor,” Edman said. “Just because of how shy and how scared she was. She didn’t show well and medically she needed a few things.”

So, it was time for a rescue. Dallas Pets Alive busted Teusher out and the rest is history.

“We rescued her after about four days and got her into a wonderful foster home where she was able to heal her sores,” says Edman. “She no longer has those and she just loves being next to everybody.”

Like the fancy chocolates, she’s named for, Teusher’s personality has been artisanally crafted so she will pass the taste test as man’s best friend.

“She’s super playful, she loves anything that squeaks and all of her chew toys. She would thrive in an environment with someone who is active,” says Edman.

It’s not too late to make Teusher the ultimate Valentines Day present. Hey, good things come to those who wait.