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Tank came into the shelter as a lonely stray. He looked alright, as strays go. But he was soon headed to doggie death row.

“He was a little scared in the shelter,” says Leslie Sans, executive director of Dallas Pets Alive! “But more than anything we were afraid for him because of his breed.”

Tank is a Pit Bull, and there is no breed that gets a worse rap than these guys.

“People just see the pit bull and they think its aggressive think its mean, think its going to attack children and thats definitely not the case,” says Sans. “Any Pit Bull owner would tell you that their number one quality is that they absolutely love their owner.”

But Dallas Pets Alive! took pity on this pit. It took awhile, but they got Tank out of the shelter. Now he needs to find a foster home until he can find a “furr-ever” one.

“It is very urgent that we find a foster home for him,” says Sans. “Otherwise he will have to be put into boarding.”

That means a doggie kennel, which is pricey for this all-volunteer organization — and it could undo all the progress Tank has made.

“He needs to be in a home environment because that will help keep him structured, and keep all of that good behavior that he has learned,”

Hey there’s a lot to love about Tank, a fun loving guy, with a distinctive look.

“He looks kind of like an Oreo… or kind of like chocolate chip cookie dough,” says Sans. “He’s got this really distinct coloring.”

Whether it’s “furr-ever” or just “furr” now, Tank’s not such a tough cookie. And he could really use a nibble. “Tanks” for caring.