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Dallas, TX –

Sydney’s story is something of a mystery. She was a stray, and no one knows how she ended up on the treat.

But when she got to the shelter she was a real “scardy cat”

“She was just hunched over in the corner not making any eye contact and just scared for dear life,” says Suleika Bloom, fundraising director for Dallas Pets Alive!

Dogs who are scared and don’t socialize are the first to go, and no tin a good way.

“They don`t show well,” says Bloom. “They have a hard time getting adopted because they are so terrified.”

But Dallas Pets Alive! saw past those sad puppy eyes, to the happy dog that was hiding inside Sydney.

“Once we pulled her out of the shelter then her personality came out. She is really outgoing with other dogs, with people she can be shy at first but with other dogs it`s immediate.”

Sydney looks pretty small for a lab mix, but she is not a puppy. She’s fully grown.

“She is like a mini lab compared to a full size lab and then still super playful,” says Bloom. “She is really a permanent puppy.”

After three months is a foster home, this permanent puppy now has a permanent home!