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To learn how to adopt a “Ruff Life” dog, visit Dallas Pets Alive.

Shorty though he was born into a “Furr-ever” home. But his owner surrendered him to Dallas Animal Services. We don’t know what his old life was like, but by the way he acted in the shelter; it probably wasn’t too nice.

“The shelter identified him as being very fearful,” says Leslie Sans, Executive Director of Dallas Pets Alive!

Shorty was on “doggie death row” and his time was running out.

“After over a month in the shelter, we were able to find a foster, literally on his last day,” says Sans.

Shorty was out of the shelter and into “furr-ever” home number two. But he had a new problem… going number two.

“Shorty… he poops when he sleeps,” says Sans. “We’ve called several vets and the reaction we get is ‘okay repeat that.’”

But Dallas Pets Alive! leaves no dog behind. Even one with “doo-doo” problems.

“We`ve put him on medication now for pain,” says Sans. “He`s having an easier time going number two in the regular way.

Unlike his first family, Shorty’s new owners didn’t give up on him.

“He already had been through that once and they are for sure not going to let that happen again,” say Sans. “Even though he has his uniqueness.”